Born highland Park, IL, 5 Aug. 1943. Maternal grandparents knew people in this posh suburb of Chicago. Have not been back since.

Nuremberg, Germany, 1946-48, when Army father was member of occupation force (in the division band).

We lived in a semi detached house on Haesselerstrasse (pictured below on the left) that had some bomb damaged houses but was still essentially a German neighborhood with a couple of other American families as well. I attended a German kindergarten, though I have little memory of that. I have a better memory of being taken to the local cinema from time to time by my parents or the German nanny they hired.

Peddlers, possibly black market, came door to door. I recall having loads of toys, my parents taking advantage I  assume of the high reputation of German made toys.  Some are in pictures taken by my father.

General hospital, Nuremberg 1945. The hospital has since been replaced by a residential development.


To be continued.

M.Sc. in Computation, Department of Computer Science and Systems, McMaster University, Canada.  1993

        Final project report: “Hypertext tools for an editorial project: an evaluation of SmarText”.

Ph.D. 1975 in History of Mathematics; M.A. 1969 and B.A. 1966 in Mathematics, minor in Classical Greek. University of Texas at Austin.  1963–75

New York University, New York City.  Spring Semester 1963

Wymondham College, Wymondham, England: General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level, in Physics, Pure Mathematics, and Applied Mathematics.  1960–62 News & Notices